Low Level Abstraction of Memory Access

LLAMA is a C++17 template header-only library for the abstraction of memory access patterns. It distinguishes between the view of the algorithm on the memory and the real layout in the background. This enables performance portability for multicore, manycore and gpu applications with the very same code.

In contrast to many other solutions LLAMA can define nested data structures of arbitrary depths and is not limited only to struct of array and array of struct data layouts but is also capable to explicitly define padding, blocking, striding and any other run time or compile time access pattern simultaneously.

To archieve this goal LLAMA is splitted in mostly independent, orthogonal parts completely written in modern C++17 to run on as many architectures and with as many compilers as possible while still supporting extensions needed e.g. to run on GPU or other many core hardware.

LLAMA is licensed under the LGPL3+.