Getting LLAMA

The most recent version of LLAMA can be found at GitHub.

git clone
cd llama

All examples use CMake and the library itself provides a llama-config.cmake to be found by CMake. Although LLAMA is a header-only library, it provides installation capabilities via CMake.


LLAMA library

At its core, using the LLAMA library requires:

  • cmake 3.18.3 or higher

  • Boost 1.74.0 or higher

  • libfmt 6.2.1 or higher (optional) for support to dump mappings as SVG/HTML


Building the unit tests additionally requires:

  • Catch2 3.0.1 or higher


To build all examples of LLAMA, the following additional libraries are needed:

Build tests and examples

As LLAMA is using CMake the tests and examples can be easily built with:

mkdir build
cd build
ccmake .. // optionally change configuration after first run of cmake
cmake --build .

This will search for all dependencies and create a build system for your platform. If necessary dependencies are not found, the corresponding examples will be disabled. After the initial call to cmake, ccmake can be used to add search paths for missing libraries and to deactivate building tests and examples.

Install LLAMA

To install LLAMA on your system, you can run (with privileges):

cmake --install .